Trent Williams and Agent Vincent Taylor Demand Trade From Redskins

Per a tweet from Adam Schefter, Trent Williams’ agent Vincent Taylor sent Schefter a written message portraying that he, Williams, and the Washington Redskins Organization have been unable to reach an agreeable way to trade Williams. See the photo below.

Photo Courtesy of Adam Schefter
Photo Courtesy of Adam Schefter

I think we can all agree that 1) the Washington Redskins are by far the worst organization in football, and 2) they completely butchered this opportunity. While it’s still unclear what Williams and his agent brought to the table trade-wise, it’s unbelievable that there wasn’t a trade completed. The Redskins could’ve easily gotten a 1st of 2nd round pick *plus* another later round pick for Williams. Instead, Dan Snyder is stuck with a giant cluster fuck of a situation in having to deal with potential legal action and an entire fan base hating him even more than they already did.

With teams offering trades and being willing to take Williams’ contract off your books, you need to jump on that opportunity quickly. There is nothing more toxic than keeping a player who so vocally wants to leave your organization. At least get something out of the situation. Washington really pooped the bed on this one.

Here’s to hoping that my beloved Cleveland Browns land Trent and give him a lifetime supply of Sliman’s deli as part of his contract.

Cheers, Jiggy

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