Case Keenum: "I know my role…"

The Cleveland Browns officially signed Case Keenum to a three-year deal today, adding an eight year veteran to the roster behind a young and hungry Baker Mayfield. Keenum joins the Browns with 62 starts on his resume and experience working with Kevin Stefanksi where they nearly went to the Super Bowl.

“Case has been a backup in this league, he’s been a starter in this league. He understands how as a backup it’s your job to support the starter and be ready to play in a moments notice. Bottom line is we’re adding a really smart, tough football player to the room,” Stefanski said Tuesday morning when the signing news was released.

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Keenum played all of last season with the Washington Redskins where he was ultimately replaced by former Ohio State Buckeyes star QB Dwayne Haskins. Case’s best season came from 2017 when he and the Minnesota Vikings made a deep playoff run, nearly making the Super Bowl but ultimately falling short in the NFC Championship.

I love this signing. Adding a veteran like Case Keenum is just what the Browns needed. Drew Stanton provided a good amount of guidance for Baker but we need someone who can not only provide the guidance Baker needs but also be able to at least manage a game, should Baker get hurt, which in my honest opinion Stanton was not going to be able to do.

One of the things I love most about this signing is that Keenum and the entire organization know very well that he is being brought in as a backup to Baker. While some may have thought this is obvious, you’d be surprised by what some people say publicly. Keenum himself came forward saying that he knows his place on this roster and that he and Baker have already begun building their relationship.

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“Baker reached out as soon as the news broke, which really meant a lot to me,” Keenum said. “I’ve got a lot of respect for what he’s done on the field and off the field, too. First and foremost, I know my role coming in. That’s another great positive for me. I’m going to be ready to play. I feel like I’ve played at a high level for the last three years.”

I’m very happy with all of the acquisitions the Browns have made this offseason but I feel that this was a very essential one. Having someone in house to help Baker continue to develop while also being competent himself was something the Browns needed badly.

Here’s to hoping Keenum never sees the field but provides much-needed guidance and security from the sidelines.

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