Tyler Naquin Gets Creative With His Rehab

Every Wednesday and Saturday, Cleveland Indians Outfielder, Tyler Naquin, bugs his neighbors with loud cracks of a baseball smacking against a brick wall, as the youngster tries every way possible to stay on top of his rehab, even if it means getting a little creative.

Naquin returned to Cleveland immediately after the Tribe’s Spring Training facility in Arizona closed due to the ‘Roner Virus epidemic. The main focus of his return was to continue his rehab in any way he can. How does he do it? He found a quiet spot on the top floor of a parking garage near his apartment to throw baseballs against in order to keep in shape.

In an interview with Mandy Bell over the weekend, Naquin had a few comments on his current rehab strategy.

“There’s a couple people who have come out on their balcony, I think they’re just trying to figure out what is going on. But I don’t think they can make out my face or anything…When you throw a baseball against brick, it gets kind of loud. But, I mean, there’s nowhere else I can really go on the days that I’m not at the ballpark.”

I absolutely love this move, mainly because Billy Boy and I have something in common! I, too, have spent probably one day out of each of the last 4 weeks or so going up to the high school by my girlfriend’s apartment and throwing balls against the brick siding. I’ve gotten a few weird looks from people as well, but like Naquin said oh well, what the hell else am I gonna do?

Naquin is currently rehabbing an ACL tear experienced last September during the Tribe’s playoff push. The positive part of his return to Cleveland is that he is able to go into Progressive Field periodically to work with head athletic trainer James Quinlan. However, in order to do this, they all have to jump through a few [necessary] hoops.

Naquin, and those involved, have to make sure they do not come in contact with anyone at their homes, on their drive in, and at Progressive Field. They are also required to have their temperatures taken when they enter and before they leave the ball park. On top of all of that, everyone is making sure they’re at least 6 feet from each other.

Naquin was expected to have a follow up appointment last week with the surgeon who performed his surgery in Houston. However, this was obviously put on hold due to everything happening with the ‘Roner. Naquin technically could make the trip, but has decided to practice a little bit of caution and avoid any traveling until things clear up.

“I haven’t had any setbacks or anything like that,” Naquin said. “We haven’t had to skip any sprint day, agility day, or heavy lifting day which is a huge plus. Everything is moved forward a little bit ahead of schedule…Hopefully [I’ll] be full-go with whatever short Spring Training-type activities we do.”

There’s something so fun about throwing a ball, even if it’s completely by yourself, against a brick wall, making yourself look like a crazy person. Here’s to hoping Billy Boy Naquin will be back in full gear by the time this ‘Roner Virus makes its long hibernation until October.

Cheers friends, Jiggy

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