Drew’s Thoughts: Week One

I keep saying, “I’ll watch any sport out there”, but that’s proven to be a lie. ESPN decided to play Korean League Baseball at 1 AM. Who in their right mind is going to stay up that late to watch a game that nobody cares about? I love baseball and I want it back, but the itch for sports isn’t that bad. You have to be either some sort of degenerate gambler or an insomniac to watch the KBO. I don’t fall into either of those categories so I’m left without any sports to write about. Well, at least I still have my dumb thoughts to delve into. Here’s my “column”:

  • Last week, my friend and I were talking about the age-old debate, how many 4th graders could you fight at one time. I’m not a very big or strong guy, so there is a large population of people out there who are much bigger than I am, and my friend falls in that category. He went first saying that he could only fight 20-30 4th graders at once. I think that’s outrageously low. If we’re put in a cage match setting, yeah thirty could easily be the number, but if we’re out in an open field I could easily take 50. Run around a little, space them out, and then I could turn into prime Mike Tyson. The only thing holding me back is my stamina. I’ll tire out quickly and it will be my downfall.
  • My mom loves having me home. She’s made a point at telling me about how it completes our family. Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe that, but there are some other ulterior motives. Since I’ve come back from college, I’ve been family tech-support. When my mom needed help with her electronics while I was gone, the rest of the family didn’t step up to the plate. Now that I’m back, I’m always on deck. And when anything else needs to be done quickly around the house, I’m the guy. So don’t misread this as my mother not showing me love, she does, but she also loves my Gen-Z brain.

When you’re stuck at home 24/7, you don’t have many thoughts or stories to tell, but I’ll try to post my vacuous thoughts once a week. I also just had finals week so the last of my brainpower went towards that.

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