Njoku’s Trade Request is Soft and You Know It

This has been a quiet off-season with little to no drama, but David Njoku just had to change everything up. This story dominated 4th of July weekend, when the former first-round pick recently hired our old friend, agent Drew Rosenhaus, who then ran to Adam Schefter telling him the sudden news that Njoku requested a trade from the Browns.

This is such a joke to me, especially from a guy whose only consistency has been his inconsistency. For 3 years we’ve waited for him to become our franchise tight end, but what we got was a good athlete, not a football player. In those 3 years, he’s shown he could jump and run like most NFL tights ends but couldn’t catch a cold butt naked in Alaska. Even in Hard Knocks, Hue Jackson of all people punished him by sending him to the Jugs machine for dropping balls in practices. The fact that they made him go to the Jugs machine as a punishment is embarrassing in of itself. He has all the physical gifts in the world, there’s a reason we used a first round pick on him; however, just like every crush I had in high school, the thought of him was always better than what we got.

This also confirms a feeling that I’ve had about Njoku for a long time, he’s soft. The move screams of immaturity and how afraid he is of competition. Even with the tight end as a point of emphasis in Kevin Stefanski’s offense, he has decided to run for the hills. It shows how little mental fortitude he has as a competitor. He might not be the number 1 tight end anymore because of Austin Hooper, but you would think that Njoku would at least be ahead of the new draft pick Harrison Bryant on the depth chart just on experience alone. Especially since COVID-19 wiped out the offseason, where Bryant wouldn’t get a lot of reps to impress the team during training camp. This would’ve been the year to rebound from his previous disaster of a season, but no, whatever advice he got from Rosenhaus is going to do more harm than good.

This is a story that we know too well when it comes to Drew Rosenhaus clients. Like Terrelle Pryor and Duke Johnson before him, this is a ploy all too familiar to Browns’ fans and the fact that David Njoku is going to this extreme is disappointing. We all know how this ends, so goodbye and good riddance to whoever trades for you. Go and be their problem now.

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Author: Milly Rock

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